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Amish Kentucky!

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Amish Kentucky Auctions are a unique experience in themselves. The Amish are certainly well known for their Benefit Auctions and "Amish Kentucky" is known for its Bluegrass Farm/Livestock Auctions and twice annual Fairview KY "Amish Farming" Auction.


Cabins & Cottages

Also known as Tiny Houses or Small Homes:

Imagine if you had zero rent/mortgage  to pay and your heat, utilities, and water bills were at a fraction of what you pay now?  What if you were able live with less clutter, less junk, less nonsense, less TV, less energy, and less debt? Wouldn’t this result in more space, more time, more physical energy, more conversation, more family, more friends, and more of what is a priority for you & yours!?

The Amish are known for simple living, plain dress, and reluctance to adopt many conveniences of modern technology.

When they are speaking of other Amish Folks or Groups, in their Pennsylvania Dutch dialect, the reference is translated to:

Simple or Plain People

Their hands-on, living knowledge they have learned through generations of experience, is expressed in the quality & simplicity of design & construction, unlike any others.

Chicken Coops

Amish craftmanship goes into every hen house we make. We offer a wide variety of features to keep your chickens protected and safe all year. Ask about features to keep your chickens warm in winter too. Hundreds SOLD to 1000s of happy, satisfied Hens!!

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