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Amish Kentucky!

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Backyard Play

Bakeries: the BEST to cross your lips

The Best Barns


Block Foundation, Concrete Slab & Footers

​Buggy Repair

Cabins & Cottages: custom designed, built & delivered

Cabinets: customized to your home kitchen & bath

Chicken Coops: safe, secure & will make your Girls HAPPY!

Counter Tops: custom to your home's colors & style

Excavation, backfill, compaction, utilities and grading

Farm Direct

Farmer's Market

Flowers: Wholesale & Retail

 Grocery & Lifestyle Stores

Heaters: wood heat

Lumber, Garden & Hardware

​Lumber Mills: order custom quantity, board size & lumber/tree type

Plumbing Supplies

Roadside Stands: most always in front of the Farm where the fruit, produce, eggs or item originates

Sheds: built to your needs & budget

Stables: customized to fit your needs & budget

Tack Store: the best within 100s of miles

​Tomatoes: hydroponically & hot house grown

The Amish Business Directory

A Community Directory with family business listings in 5 Kentucky Counties: 

Trigg, Christian, Todd, Logan & Simpson

With over 800 Amish Families in these 5 counties, there are MANY types of businesses & services offered.

These "businesses" are Amish family owned & operated.

Usually (most always) the business is located on the FAMILY FARM, where there will be children, watching & listening to you. 

Please be aware that your style of dress, your language & humor MAY NOT be understood or acceptable. Please be considerate of their very conservative lifestyle & their beliefs, as they want to do BUSINESS with you more than once.

Thank you!