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Amish Kentucky!

Community Information: (931) 444-6212

The Country Pantry

Hours: Monday – Saturday 8:30AM-5PM
(270) 483-0555

9115 Guthrie Road, Guthrie, KY 42234-8641

A few of the items we stock in no particular order:

​Hormone, antibody free chicken raised by Amish in Indiana

We have an array of spices, gluten-free, whole wheat pancake mix, genuine maple syrup, organic vanilla beans and so much more.

Our prices on our spices have been labeled ”true bargains”.

We have  a large variety of foods & utensils that you will adore.

Try our bulk cheese & meats, barnyard eggs, fresh milk, all-purpose spices & sausages.

We also carry stainless kitchenware, iron skillets.

We only carry true-quality consumer products & real, fresh grown local foods & produce.

We have many varieties of Soda, candies, meals, sugars, nuts, flours and baking needs.

You can buy jams, jellies, soups, mixes, dried beans, veggie chips & much more.

As well, take a look at our Amish Made Jalapeño pepper jelly green, huckleberry jam, fig jam, pumpkin butter spread, marinated mushrooms, southern hot chow chow, and sweet garlic dill pickles just to name a few.

We also carry a selection of honey products. If you are new to the south and are experiencing allergies, local raw honey taken daily can act as a great remedy. We even carry Pollen for the non-honey lovers.

If you love dairy products, check out our refrigerated section. We have anything from whole milk to drinkable yogurt.

Are you trying your hand at canning? The Country Pantry carries a variety of different sized canning jars.

We even have the half gallon canning jars for larger canning projects.

We also carry non-edible items like greeting cards & other accessories for your home & kitchen.

Overall, the Country Pantry is a fun place to stop.  $ Pricing $ is reasonable & our food quality is unmatched in the area.

Our Amish Staff are polite, cheerful, happy and kind. This is who we are!

Now Selling Fresh Breads! 

Also, Country Pantry now accepts Credit & Debit Cards! (along with Cash and Checks)
We do NOT accept food stamps, sorry for any inconvenience.