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Amish Kentucky!

Community Information: (931) 444-6212

We, The Amish, have been building Barns for a specific purpose or a Multi-use Barn for 100s of years.

​Our Custom Crafted Barns are unequaled in functionality, quality & value/price. These 3 items are what we are known for Worldwide. We urge you to compare. Get a few quotes & then call us.

​Select a Barn, using the corresponding Number, then select by including the Number in the Contact Form below. If none of these Barns are a priority, then complete the form & we will be back to you within 2 to 4 days.

​Please, remember Barn Raising is in our Blood. It is what we do & there are 100s of very satisfied Customers in KY & TN who know we build quality Barns at a price, a value second to none.

(931) 444-6212