A Community Site: 

Amish Kentucky!

Community Information: (931) 444-6212

Step 1:

Site Review: 

Together, we review your Land or Lot. As well we can discuss your Cottage Design & Construction with the Local Jurisdiction.

A Site or Land/Lot review includes discussing the State, County & possibly the City Small Home requirements regarding:

Minimum Lot Size

  • Minimum Small Home square footage

  • Is your Land sloped or unlevel? Is grading required?

  • Or will you require heavy equipment to level a site to build a foundation & or a Slab for your home.

  • Permit required? The Process & Fee?

Sewer or Septic requirements

  • Has a percolation test (colloquially called a perc test) been completed with a Report?

  • This is a test to determine the water absorption rate of soil (that is, its capacity for percolation) in preparation for the building of a septic drain field (leach field) or infiltration basin.

Permit Process & Fees?

 Electric availability?

  • The nearest Transformer on a Pole is located where?
  •  The Electric Permit, Inspection Process & the Fees

Water availability?

  • At the Street?

  • Well onsite?
  • The Connection Permit & Fees

Design & Plans review by city or county?

  • Process, requirements & fees

Step 2

Your Floor Plan: Cooperatively designed

Together, we prioritize your needs in a Home:

Number of bedrooms, number of baths, interior wall/floor covering style & colors, type of heat and A/C, Cabinetry, Counter Tops, type of plumbing needed, Entry doors, Loft, Stairs etc.

As always, we can answer your design feasibility questions, with our extensive design & building experience.

Don’t worry about getting every detail just right at this point. The goal is to get your plan to the stage that it fairly represents your needs and wants. Once you have reviewed your custom small home floor plan with your family, friends, etc. we are ready to get started moving your custom home to the next stage – The Initial Estimate.

Step 3

Feasibility Study and Conceptual Budget

If you are within 100 Miles of one of Amish Families that will build your Cottage, we will perform an initial site inspection of your property to determine our route accessibility, the topography, and availability of utilities.

We will do extensive research with the County, City & State to determine or affirm the zoning, setback/height requirements; developmental/mitigation fees; architectural restrictions and permit costs.  The non-refundable Onsite Review Fee will be credited towards your signed construction agreement.

Amish Cabins & Cottages will provide you with a preliminary Small Home/Cottage Development Budget based on what we learn during the onsite parcel review, coupled with the floor plan or the square footage of your desired home we cooperatively design, using your preferences & priorities. This will include, but is not limited to grading, foundation, cottage materials, cottage construction, installation and finish of house, site improvements, development and/or permit fees and all necessary items needed to complete your Cottage. This budget can be used to obtain financing.

Step 4:

Conceptual Design

Once we complete Onsite Review & Floor Plan Design, we will work with you to refine your floor plan and exterior elevations. This can be your floor plan, a standard plan from a catalog, or a fully custom design.

During this step, the home specifications and design choices will be selected for inclusion into the plan. This can include window and door types, ceiling heights, appliances, other fixtures, interior and exterior trim and finish. These selections allow us to separate items to be installed at our selected Amish Family Farm, who will build your cottage on site. Exterior additions, such as garages, decks, driveways, landscaping, and drafting the site plan, can be addressed at that time.

Based on the design and specifications, we will revise the conceptual construction budget to an actual total construction sum. That sum will be the basis for a Construction Agreement in Step 5.

Step 5:

Construction Agreement/Project Funding

Now that we have a design and budget established, Amish Cabins & Cottages will prepare a construction agreement that will include every facet of the project; from submitting your plans for approvals to handing you the keys to your new Custom Cottage. If you already have funding in place, go to the next step. However, if you need financing, the lending institution will require several items that may include a budget, floor plans, elevations and a construction agreement with Amish Cabins & Cottages before final approval.

Step 6:


The structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire suppression and civil engineering is all completed by state-licensed engineering firms. These drawings will become part of the final approval package.

Step 7:


If local planning approval was required and has now been satisfied, the Off-Site Cottage plans are then submitted to the local jurisdiction. This Step eliminates much of the back and forth review process with the local building department. This process saves you up to 9 months in obtaining the building permits!

Step 8:

Site Construction and Off-Site Cottage Construction

Once the building permit is issued, site construction and off-site home construction will begin simultaneously. While Amish Cabins & Cottages is completing your Cottage, your pre-selected Grading Contractor, Foundation Contractor, Electrician & Plumber will be busy getting your Site ready for the delivery of your Custom Cottage. The multi-tiered state licensed inspection, supervision, and quality control system insures the highest quality product while conforming to all applicable building codes and industry standards

Step 9:

On-Site Completion

With the foundation complete and inspected by the local jurisdiction, your site is ready to receive your Custom Cottage.

Upon arrival of your Custom Cottage our Contract Carrier will slide your cottage onto your foundation or will assist lifting your Cottage into place using a crane we will assist you in contracting for.

Depending on any specialized finishes, the finished process can be as short a couple of hours or up to a couple of days.

The local jurisdiction inspects the structural hardware connecting your Cottage to the foundation. With a satisfactory inspection, your Cottage is released so that the utility connections can be completed, then they will provide you with a certificate of occupancy, & you can move in!