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Amish Kentucky!

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Buy Farm Direct!

​Fresh, no pesticides, non-gmo, organic

Visit the Amish Farm of your choice. Know the source of your Food while building a meaningful relationship.

Why buy from your local farmer? Why visit the Farm of your choice, with the freshest vegetables, fruits, eggs, chicken, beef or pork?

Its very simple. When you purchase directly from YOUR farmer, you allow the farm to receive the maximum amount from each sale, eliminating the middle man, the wholesaler & the big box chain Grocer, leading to a more sustainable farming business, assisting YOUR farmer to succeed & grow.  Small, diversified family farms have such small profit margins that it is vital for them that you buy direct.

Oftentimes, delivery services and grocery stores require wholesale pricing to be able to sell through them so that they can take a cut of the profit. But then small family farms like the Amish Farms you will find here, cannot make a living, due to these additional costs.  Choose to keep small family farms in business by purchasing directly from them.  

When you buy directly from us, you are:
-keeping more money in your local community, thereby keeping your local businesses in business.
-helping us save money to purchase additional land to grow our operation & offer diversity, giving you more choices.
-allowing us to take better care of our animals and our family.
-assisting us in continuing to build soil, creating nutrient-dense food and sequestering carbon.
-helping us streamline our methods to make the best use of space – thereby increasing our production in a sustainable way.
-assisting us in creating a better work-life balance.
-building a relationship with us!  

We value the families that support us and we look forward to building long term relationships with each of you.  

Thank you for helping us produce food that is healthy and tastes delicious; is raised in a clean way; and is produced/sold with fair consideration for the farmers. 

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