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Retirement is really 2 words.

​"Fixed Income."

​We build them with that in mind, just as we do for our Parents & Grandparents.

Our Retirement Cottages have repeatedly shown that they are warm in the Winter & cool in the Summer, with less coming out of your pocket every month.

Think about it.

​Pricing Chart is below.

Please, complete the Form below.
Within 3 to 5 days of completing the Form you will receive SAMPLE FLOORPLANS, choices of materials & your estimated Pricing, which includes Delivery.
​Below the form you will find PRICING by SIZE/SQUARE FOOTAGE.

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This 14x26 Retirment Cottage has what you need to live in financial comfort, as well as all the amenities that are expected by everyone.

We will deliver it to your property for $37,455.

Retirement Cabins & Cottages